We Are Behavior Network

“A failure is not always a mistake, it may simply be the best one can do under the circumstances. The real mistake is to stop trying.”

-B.F. Skinner

Our History

Behavior Network was founded on the principle of providing effective evidence-based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) practices for individuals across the lifespan from children to adults. Our clients typically come to us with severe behaviors; they may have a diagnosis that includes Autism, Aspergers, Intellectual Disability or Mental Illness. We recognize that it is challenging to navigate behavioral health services alone; that is why we specialize in working with individuals and their families in forming collaborative relationships with local agencies and professionals that will meet your unique needs.

“Our mission is to teach individuals to function and live as independently as possible.”

Meet The Founders

Dr. Amanda Coffey, BCBA-D

CEO. Executive Director

Jared Coffey
Chief Financial Officer

Meet Our Amazing Team

Maggie - MS, BCBA
Director of Clinical Services
Taylor - MS, BCBA
Director of School and Community Services
Erica - MS, BCBA
Assistant Director
Cole - MS, RBT
Assistant Director
Kenzie - BS, RBT
Senior Lead Therapist
Taylor - MS, RBT
Senior Lead Therapist
Krissy BA, RBT
Senior Lead Therapist
Abby - BS, RBT
Senior Lead Therapist
Jenny - BS, RBT
EC-12 SPED Teacher
Chris BA, RBT
TEA Behavior Specialist
Joy - BS
Lead Therapist
Shaina - RBT
Lead Therapist
Senna - BS, RBT
Lead Therapist
Curriculum Coordinator
Hailey BA, RBT
Corporate Trainer
Ashley - RBT
Staff Liaison and Scheduling
Transitions Lead
Transitions Lead
Transitions Lead
ECI Lead
Ashley W
ECI Lead
DayHab Coordinator
Office Manager
Melissa BBA
Joshua - PhD, BCBA-D
Clinical Research


Lesley - PhD, BCBA
Clinical Research


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