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We are a HCS, TXHML, CLASS, ICF and TWC provider for the Collin County area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA, is an intensive treatment that systematically applies principles and techniques based upon learning theory with the goal of improving socially significant behavior. Examples of social significant behaviors that can be taught using ABA include social skills, language, communication, reading academics and functional living skills.The principles of ABA can be used to help learners develop new skills, and to decrease problems behaviors. ABA methodology looks at the reason behind each behavior and then we use this information to create an appropriate intervention.

Is ABA only for Autism?

No! ABA can actually be applied to anyone who exhibits undesirable behaviors. We frequently encounter the use of ABA principles in our daily lives. Would you keep going to work if you stopped getting paid? Probably not. Your paycheck is the positive reinforcement that keeps us committed to our jobs. Positive reinforcement is a major principle of ABA.

Insurance coverage?

Texas has an autism mandate, which means that the cost of therapy may be covered under your current private insurance plan if your child is diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Behavior Network will work directly with your insurance company to determine the eligibility of Applied Behavior Analysis therapy coverage. In-Network with Cigna, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO Provider, Value Options, United HealthCare.

What is a Behavior Intervention?

A Behavior Intervention uses behavioral treatment methods to change socially important behaviors across community and home settings for individuals. It is a very effective treatment for individuals diagnosed with a variety of developmental disorders. It uses ABA principles such as discrete-trial training, rewarding positive behaviors, verbal behavior, and natural environmental training. These goals are specific to the individual and often times include communication, social and learning skills to help reduce challenging behavior. It uses objective reliable data from continuous assessment and observation each therapy session. The ultimate goal of A Behavior Intervention is to intervene so that the individual has the best change to make clinically significant gains and have fewer needs in the future.

Why use ABA instead of another approach for treating autism?

ABA is driven by data that is recorded daily on every program that a child does throughout therapy. Analysis of this data allows us to quickly modify the procedures and techniques we are using to teach your child and ensure maximum success. ABA is also supported by years of research, and is stated as the most effective treatment for autism by the Surgeon General (American Medical Association and American Academy of Pediatrics). The skills learned through ABA are absorbed and generalized and research has proven that the skills learned in this manner are maintained.

There are so many ABA providers out there, why should we come to Behavior Network?

We are PASSIONATE about ABA and we have big hearts for our clients and their families.

How many hours per week should ABA therapy be in order for it to be effective?

The amount of hours recommended will depend on the initial assessment by the BCBA.

Do you offer flexible scheduling?

Absolutely. We customize therapy to suit your needs. The clinic is opened from 9am-6pm during the week and on weekends for social groups. Our in-home is available at the time needed to address the individuals specific needs (i.e. morning or evening routines, meals, academic and social activities).

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