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Crisis Center

The Crisis Center at Behavior Network provides treatment to special needs children, adolescents, and adults with challenging behaviors, such as: noncompliance, tantrums, property destruction, self-injury, aggression, and refusals. The primary focus of the Crisis Center is to train parents and caregivers how to successfully prevent and manage problem behavior more effectively. This program relies upon involvement of all caregivers actively involved with the client as they will be implementing the prescribed treatment procedures and tracking the client’s progress. We also collaborate with schools, dayhabs, and group homes to provide the training needed to be successful across all environments in multiple situations.

Quick Facts About This Program:

  • Your child will be required to attend therapy sessions daily from 9am-3pm with a one hour break for lunch.
  • Parents, caregivers, other family members, and siblings are required to attend training sessions at the clinic and in-home on a weekly basis.
  • Data collection at home is required at all times
  • Coordination of care with all providers (i.e. school, psychiatrist, pediatrician) is required.

Crisis hotline for Collin County only 1-877-422-5939

Early Intervention Program

Our Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) program is for children ages 2-6 years old. We offer a full-time schedule for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. This program follows a daily schedule that is designed to give our clients multiple opportunities to work on social skills, working in a group, play skills, and language expansion. Every client is given individualized goals and programming that is implemented in a variety of ways throughout their day. Children learn skills that are critical for school-readiness and develop skills for interacting with adults and peers. This is done in a one to one ratio and includes different themes of focus each week (i.e. letter of the week, color of the week, various habitats, etc.).

Quick Facts About This Program:

  • Part-time and full-time schedules are available Monday through Friday.
  • This program offers a full assessment and individualized programming.
  • Parent training may be conducted either in the home or clinic setting.
  • 1-1 ratio within a group setting
In-Home ABA

Our in-home ABA service therapists utilize direct approaches to increase appropriate behavior in the home setting. Essentially, our behavior therapists work directly with your child as challenging behaviors arise in the natural environment. We work with each client after developing an individualized treatment plan from an initial full behavioral assessment. Furthermore, we provide parent and sibling training to teach family and other house members how to use specific techniques in certain situations to help improve the overall behavior of your child at home and in public.

Quick Facts About This Program:

  • We have direct clinical hours, which are all hours available Monday through Friday.
  • This program offers a full assessment and an individualized treatment plan
  • Parent and sibling training is an included feature
  • IEE (Independent Educational Evaluation) for development of BIP (Behavior Intervention Plan) and Individualized Education Plan(IEP) goals within the school setting.
  • ARD (Admission, Review, and Dismissal) and/or Advocacy support
Social Skills

For our social skills groups, our behavior therapists use evidence-based strategies to help individuals with developmental disabilities to develop conversation skills, make friends, solve problems and understand the perspectives of others. We incorporate small group settings into this program to provide our clients with the opportunity to initiate, respond and maintain conversations, greet others, take turns, share, and develop and expand other communication skills needed to socialize with others.

Quick Facts About This Program:

  • Groups offered Monday 5:30-7 (18 and up); Tuesday 4:30-6:30 (teen); Wednesday 4:30-6:30 (boys only) / 5-7 (girls only); Thursday (tweens)!
  • Individualized group goals for each client.
Transitional Services

Our transitional program teaches individuals the skills needed to achieve the greatest degree of independence possible for their current age and capabilities. Transitional services include the following daily activities: getting dressed, completing tasks of personal hygiene, increasing safety and health, completing chores which contribute to maintaining a household and simple meal preparation. Participants will learn how to care for their home environment, participate actively in the community, acquire job related skills and manage personal finances. Furthermore, this program prepares individuals to live as independently as possible with family or in a group home setting. There is an increasing need independence and self-reliance in everyday life as individuals progress into adulthood. Additionally, staff focus on ameliorating challenging behaviors which may inhibit the client from participating in community-based activities.

Quick Facts About This Program:

  • This program is center-based for individuals and offers group settings.
  • This program includes vocational training.
  • Weekly social skills group are on Monday from 5:30-7:00 p.m.
  • Support as a Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) provider (formally known as DARS).
Adult Services

Our program for adults provides clients with special needs the opportunity for an enriched learning environment with positive outcomes. Treatment plans and services are created with a single goal in mind: to increase independence. Services are provided across multiple settings: in the patient’s home, at our facility and in the community so the client can gain the social, vocational, self-help, and functional skills they need to lead the most self-sufficient lifestyle possible. Services will be individually tailored to the client and their specific needs, including both short and long-term goals. Services include: consultation, assessment, direct therapy, vocational training or short-term intervention.

Features Included in This Program:

  • Functional Behavior Assessments
  • Intervention Planning and Development
  • Implementation of Support Plans
  • Training for Patients, Caregivers, Group Home Staff, and Day-Hab Staff
  • Monitoring of Data and Progress

Working directly with us in our center, we have a professional individual who is not only a Licensed Professional Counselor but is also a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and Certified Brain Injury Specialist. She takes an integrative approach of cognitive-behavioral, client-centered, and solution focused therapy to meet the individual needs of each patient. Her specialty area is in helping individuals of all ages with traumatic brain injury, depression, grief, anxiety, and social challenges while also providing family support in coping challenges within families. For more information about the on sight Professional Counselor at our center, please read through her biography section below.

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